Camilla Schick

multimedia journalist


Camilla Schick

multimedia journalist


JPostTV: Batsheva gears up to celebrate jubilee year

This year Batsheva turns fifty. To celebrate its jubilee, over the next four months the internationally acclaimed Israeli dance company is reviving three award-winning works - ‘Mamootot’, ‘Max’, and ‘Naharin's Virus’ - choreographed by their renowned artistic director Ohad Naharin. The internationally acclaimed Israeli dance company’s artistic director, Ohad Naharin, talks to JPostTV's Camilla Schick about ‘Gaga’, boycott, and why relying on mirrors is a mistake.
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BBC Outlook: Anat Hoffman & Women of the Wall

Our reporter Camilla Schick went to meet the woman behind the Women of the Wall movement: Anat Hoffman. The Western Wall in Jerusalem is a place for prayer and pilgrimage, visited by Jews from all around the world. It's been run in accordance to Orthodox protocol: women and men pray in separate sections. And, for many years, women were forbidden from praying aloud or wearing prayer-shawls at the site. Orthodox groups argued that, according to Jewish tradition, these were rituals reserved for men only. But, last year, a feminist group called 'Women of the Wall' managed to change that through the courts. Their members are now allowed to pray, sing, dance, and wear prayer-shawls, without fearing arrest. [Report starts at 26 mins 30 secs into programme]
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TEL AVIV - At the start of this year, tens of thousands of African migrants staged protests against the Israeli government, demanding both rights and assistance. A handful defiantly walked away from the new "open" detention facility, Holot, which sits in the Negev desert. That was followed by mass rallies in Tel Aviv.
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JPostTV: Holot 'open' detention facility

After tens of thousands of African migrants rallied outside Israel's parliament in Jerusalem last month in protest of their ongoing arrest and detention, JPost correspondents Ben Hartman and Camilla Schick paid a visit to the detainees of the government's new 'open' detention facility in the Negev desert.
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JPostTV: Bethlehem gears up for Christmas

Local business interests clash in Bethlehem as the town gears up for Christmas visitors.
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JPostTV talks to OneVoice

The Jerusalem Post News spoke with Tal Harris, Executive Director of OneVoice Israel, an international movement leading grass-root efforts in empowering both Israeli and Palestinian civilians towards mobilizing government representation for a two-state solution. He says the numbers of Palestinians attending their movement’s events in the territories in support of the two-state solution are too significant to be ignored, and that compromise is the only realistic option for peace.
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The story of Dr. Mengele’s delivery girl

GUSH ETZION - At 85, Leah London Friedler still has a beautiful face and a charming, almost cheeky smile. Her family had always known she survived Auschwitz, but it was long taboo to mention it in her presence. But a family trauma caused Leah to break her silence, and she led her daughter, Adina Bernstein, to a locked drawer where she showed her a letter of hope she’d written as a teenager, after the death camp was abandoned by the fleeing Nazis.
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JPostTV: Obama in Israel

Over the past week Israel hosted US President Barack Obama on his first presidential trip to the country, and his first diplomatic excursion abroad since taking office for a second term. He praise the Palestinian Authority leaders for their work over the past five years in building infrastructure towards securing a viable Palestinian state, called for an end to the occupation, and expressed his unwavering commitment for a two state solution.
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How the Israeli press beat the censor to bring "Prisoner X" to their public

It seems worthy of a John le Carré novel: a prisoner whose name was unknown even to his guards was found hanging in a maximum security cell-within-a-cell originally built for the assassin of a former prime minister, his identity and death then vanished by the security services. Israeli media had tried to report the detainment of this "prisoner X" back in 2010, and his death a few months later, only for the reports to be immediately removed by Israel’s military censor.
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Why the world should care about Israel's social justice movement

A year ago today the Israeli social justice movement started, seeing hundreds of thousands of Israelis repeatedly marching throughout last summer in demand of socioeconomic reform and constituting the biggest wave of public demonstrations in Israel’s short history. It began with campaigns over poor doctor and social worker wages and inflated prices of staple household products from diapers to cottage cheese.
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Israel Loves Iran: an interview with founder Ronny Edry

Sitting at his design workspace, 41 year old Ronny Edry looks tired but no less impassioned. Since starting the Israel Loves Iran online anti-war campaign, droves of reporters and broadcasters have come to the small design studio at his home in Tel Aviv. Ronny’s motivation for breaking the silence between his country’s seemingly biggest foe is simple: "I want to make sure that we don’t have to bomb them.
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Camilla Schick

Camilla is a British multimedia journalist and writer specialising in the Middle East region.

Born in Paris and bred in London, she's currently based in Tel Aviv where she's reported on Israel-Palestine for local press and international broadcasters. She recently helped successfully launch a daily online newscast for the Jerusalem Post, which she anchored and produced.

Her work has recently appeared on BBC World Service 'Outlook, and in Foreign Policy magazine, New Statesman, Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, Common Ground News Service, and Demotix.



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